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Easily create, manage, and store documents with MS Word. Simplify your collaboration and approval workflows today!

What is the MS Word Feature?

The MS Word feature lets you work on documents just like in Microsoft Word, but directly within ZoopSign. Create, edit, manage, store, and share documents smoothly in one place.

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How it Works?

Easy as 1-2-3: A Simple Process


Create Document

Start a new document on the dashboard, choosing Word as the document format option.


Edit Smoothly

Once your Word document is ready, start editing just like you would in MS Word—format text, insert images, and tweak layout—all within ZoopSign. No need for separate logins or accounts


Share or Store Securely

After perfecting your document, share it with collaborators or store it for future reference, all without leaving the ZoopSign platform.

Benefits of MS Word Feature

Discover the many advantages of using the MS Word feature within ZoopSign for faster, more efficient, and smoother collaboration and workflows.


Work Together Easily

Collaborate in real-time on MS Word docs within ZoopSign, making teamwork seamless and document completion quicker.


Keep Track of Changes

Monitor document alterations easily for improved transparency, version control, and auditing of revisions made by team members.


Feel at Home

Use familiar MS Word tools and interface, reducing the learning curve and boosting user confidence.


All in One Place

Access MS Word features directly within ZoopSign, simplifying document creation and management without switching between multiple platforms.

Learn what makes ZoopSign different

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Sign with ease by placing your signature where you want on the document.

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See how ZoopSign stands out from others – your best choice for simple and efficient document management.

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ZoopSign vs DocSend

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ZoopSign vs DropBox

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Can multiple people edit a Word document at once?

Is this feature free?

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