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What are Zoop Sign PDF Utilities?

Are company files safe with your service?

How can I reach out to for support?

Do you keep a copy of my processed file?

What is eSign / electronic signature?

What is Aadhaar Signature?

Are electronic signatures legal in India?

How can my business use ZoopSign?

What are the benefits of upgrading to a paid plan?

Can I switch between plans at any time?

What payment methods do you accept?

Can I get a refund on cancellation? - alternative for this header?

Are there any discounts available?

Is sequential signing free?

How does sequential signing work?

Can I change the signing order once it's set?

Is Aadhaar-based eSign globally valid?

Can anyone use Aadhaar eSign?

Can Aadhaar eSign be used for business contracts?


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