Email Authentication

Ask recipients to authenticate via email for a personalized touch, ensuring trust and safety in document exchanges.

What is Email Authentication?

Email authentication is like a digital ID check, ensuring the recipient is who they say they are. It boosts trust and keeps document exchanges secure.

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How it Works?

Easy as 1-2-3: A Simple Process


Customize Settings

While uploading the document, click 'Personalize' in the Customize settings


Enable Email Authentication

Switch on the email authentication setting for your document.


Send Invite

Send the invite to the recipient, who can't access the document without verifying their email ID.

Benefits of Email Authentication

Explore the numerous advantages of incorporating email authentication when sending your documents to recipients.


Your Document Bodyguard

Email authentication adds a security guard, making sure only trusted recipients can access your document, keeping it safe.


Built-in Trust

It's like a handshake in the digital world, ensuring everyone knows the document exchange is genuine and trustworthy.


Recipient Accountability

Before entering, recipients verify their email ID – a simple step ensuring a reliable and responsible document interaction.

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ZoopSign vs DocSend

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ZoopSign vs DropBox

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