How to Merge PDF files using the ZoopSign PDF Tool

How to Merge PDF files using the ZoopSign PDF Tool

Do you want to merge multiple PDF files with just a few clicks?

Yes, with the ZoopSign PDF utility. We can merge, arrange, split and compress the PDF. And also one can convert DOC to PDF, add an image to a PDF, Lock/Unlock , or eSign a PDF using the ZoopSign utility.

Efficient documentation is the key when one has a digital transformation in mind. By using less paper and making it simpler to access and attach your documents online, you may save time and money. Utilizing digital documents is advantageous, but when working with a lot of data, email attachments can quickly mount up. Use our merge PDF tool to create a single PDF for the effective organization rather than sending an email with many files. 

Steps to merge multiple PDFs

  1. Navigate to our Merge PDF Tool.

  2. Select the files you want to merge from your device, Google Drive or Dropbox and click on next.

  3. Use your mouse to drag and drop the files in the order you want. 

  4. Click the Merge PDF button.

  5. Click on download to save your merged PDF file.

Why to merge multiple PDF files?

In addition to saving you a ton of time when it comes to managing your documents, merging your PDF files is also significantly more environmental friendly and sustainable than the traditional solution of printing and scanning your documents.

Let’s discuss some of the most common explanations for using ZoopSign merge PDF tool as well as the benefits in streamlining document workflow.

For Business professionals 

Consider the situation where documents from numerous different departments will need to be submitted when more than one individual or team is participating in a project at the place of your employment. A plan for home development, for instance, is likely to include information and reports from a variety of sources, such as contractors, engineers, architects, accountants, and so on. Sending a tonnes of files at once can only confuse your colleagues and lead huge data and wasted time. It is much simpler to consolidate all the PDF files into a single PDF for straightforward sharing.

For Archieving Data

When you need to access archived documents, you might be surprised to find that they are typically stored individually rather than in one large dataset. For example, many researchers spend countless hours and days sifting through tons of individual documents to get the information they need. Because these files are stored electronically, you can merge them into a single PDF document, saving you a lot of time and effort searching for files. Combining these endless archives into his single document means that researchers can seamlessly access the information they are looking for, rather than jumping from file to file.

Merging archived documents also makes these files easier for archival libraries and companies to manage and makes the information more readily available to researchers.


Consider that you are a student working on the most recent group project. You need to put everyone's contributions together on the project's big final day, but how can you do that? For the final presentation, quickly combine all of your group's hard work with the Merge tool.

Or suppose as a candidate, you need to send your resume, cover letter, portfolio, and letters of recommendation to potential employers. However, sending different attachments doesn't present you as a professional candidate for the job, instead merging each file into one document is not only less hassle but also more professional. 

For Freelancers 

Any type of job requires a wide range of sources in a wide range of forms. There are various information sources that can be difficult to manage as you conduct research for a job application or your most recent essay. You might save screenshots, JPEGs, Word documents, or PowerPoint presentations. Utilize the Convert to PDF tools to convert different files into PDFs, then use the Merge tool to group them all together.

Project with multiple participants

Merging the PDF document might be quite helpful if you're working on a project that calls for numerous persons to submit or share their materials. This is especially useful if you're working together digitally and can't meet in person since people are in separate offices or even different areas.


1. Do you keep a copy of my processed files?

Absolutely not. Your files are only yours. While your files are on our servers, they are strictly secured and no one can access them. We just keep them for a maximum of 2 hours so you can download them. Right after, they are completely removed forever from our servers. You can also delete the document by yourself at the end of each conversion. We won’t check, copy or analyze your files in any way.

2. Are company files safe with your service?

Yes. All uploads use https/SSL and include our end-to-end encryption for further privacy. These additional steps increase security and satisfy most corporate data privacy policies.

3. What pdf eSign do you offer?

The PDF eSign tool offers an intuitive signing experience for all your documents. There are 3 different ways to sign your PDF. It offers:

  • Aadhaar-based eSign, Type signature as text and Draw signature Here

4. What are other PDF utilities?

There are all the utilities zoopsign provides: