Top reasons you should store documents & IDs digitally

Top reasons you should store documents & IDs digitally

IDs and documents are integral to completing a human’s decision. If you didn't get what we are trying to say, then just retrospect the events from the past. Remember the heart-wrenching moment when you realized that you won’t be able to fill out your university form because your school mark sheets are missing or when you were excited to cast the vote for the first time but you failed to find the voter ID? Alas! these sorrowful events are enough to reflect the importance IDs and documents have in our life. Hence, storing all the important IDs and documents in the right place is indeed essential. With every year the number of documents increases and so does the responsibility of handling them. Now, the question arises what can be the ideal right place to store documents? 

As we have welcomed the digital world wholeheartedly, is it even fair to follow the same old-school pattern of storing important documents and IDs physically? In case you have doubts about how would storing documents and IDs digitally would help, then do read the article till the end. 

An efficient way of handling documents

We all have gone through the trauma of wasting our valuable time searching for documents in the racks, organizers, drawers, folders etc. if you choose to store your documents and IDs digitally, then you are sure to save a lot of time and space too. You can simply scroll your phone when you want to access any of your documents. Also, at times it does happen that you keep the documents in a particular folder carefully so that you can easily find them on time, in such scenarios what hits hard is failing to find the folder that you kept ‘carefully’. Previously you were searching the document, and now you would have to search the folder. But if you are wise enough to store the documents digitally, then such time-consuming events won't worry you anymore.

Protecting your important data

Documents necessarily contain information that should stay intact with only the people you choose. Your important paper documents are easily accessible to others as well, you might lose them, or forget them at some place and there are chances that the documents and IDs might get into the wrong hands. Parallelly, if you have all your documents stored digitally then you are keeping them protected. Only you have the access to them. Handling paper documents is a fragile task, a burst water pipe, leaky roof, or fire can quickly ruin documents.

All that you need to do is just scan or take a picture of the document and keep them stored forever on your device.

An accessible way

Yes, when you are choosing to store your documents digitally you are assuring easy access to your important data. No matter when and where you are asked to share a document, you can easily locate them on your device and share them with anyone with at just a tap. In case you are asked to submit a xerox of your documents, rather than wasting time hunting for the documents just get the digitally stored documents printed. 

Numerous apps have been created with the objective of making document storage simple and secure. Well, if you are searching for the best app to store documents then the one-stop solution for you is the Zoop Wallet app. Once you have this app on the phone, your ‘n’ problems related to document storage come to an end. It isn’t limited to providing a platform for storing documents digitally, but it has got a lot more features. You can simply scan all your documents and categorize them into the right group, e.g. medical, identity, vehicle etc. Also, it provides you with the feasibility of sharing the documents via mail and WhatsApp. With the feature of setting up a secure pin, the app assures that no one other than you can access your documents. Zoop Wallet is an ideal solution for storing documents digitally. You can access your documents anytime, anywhere. 

Increase the visibility of your documents

Rather than searching in the pile of papers, it is better and easier to locate them on your phone with a tap. Indeed your documents are always at your fingertips if you have them stored digitally.