How to Watermark PDF with ZoopSign!


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January 19, 2024

How to Watermark PDF with ZoopSign!


Do you have important PDFs that need to be secured? Are you worried about unauthorized copying or distribution of your documents? If so, then you need to add an extra layer of protection by watermarking your PDFs.

Watermarking is a simple and effective way to secure your PDFs from unauthorized access and use. By adding a watermark, you can identify the owner of the PDF, prevent copyright issues, and discourage illegal distribution.

In this blog, we’ll show you the easiest way to watermark PDF online with ZoopSign. Our platform provides you with various document management solutions from eSign, and document tracking to PDF storage and utilities. With ZoopSign, you can easily add watermark to PDF in just a few clicks.

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But before we proceed further, let’s clear our understanding of watermarking PDF.

What does “Watermark PDF” mean?

A watermark is an identifying image or text that is imposed onto a document, typically appearing faded or translucent. This visual element serves several purposes, such as verifying the authenticity of a document, protecting it from unauthorized use, and maintaining branding consistency. Watermarking is particularly crucial for confidential documents, contracts, legal papers, and creative works where ownership needs to be established.

Watermarks are not just deterrents against plagiarism or unauthorized sharing, they also communicate a level of commitment and professionalism to quality. For businesses, add watermark to PDF can accelerate brand identity and create a sense of trust among clients and stakeholders.

Benefits of watermarking PDF

  • Protects copyright- Add watermark to PDF, and you can deter unauthorized copying of your documents.
  • Prevents editing- A watermark can make it very difficult to edit or modify your documents without leaving a trace.
  • Builds branding- Add watermark to PDF to highlight your name, company name, or other identification information.
  • Easier to identify- A watermark can help you identify your documents more easily, especially if you have tonnes of documents.

Why choose ZoopSign and its Watermarking PDF utility?

ZoopSign is a digital platform that offers a range of document-assisting solutions. Right from eSign to document tracking and PDF utilities, it is easy to use and secure your documents. Among many of its utilities, the “watermark PDF” feature stands out for its simplicity and ease. Whether you're a business professional, creative artist, or legal expert, ZoopSign's watermarking tool can enhance the security and credibility of your PDF documents.

Ease of Use: ZoopSign's intuitive interface makes watermarking PDFs hassle-free, even for those without technical expertise.Customization: Tailor your watermark to suit your branding or document requirements, ensuring a consistent and professional look.Time-Saving: ZoopSign's efficient processing means you can watermark multiple documents in a short amount of time.Security: Protect sensitive information and confidential documents by adding watermarks that deter unauthorized sharing.

How ZoopSign can help you watermark PDF online 

To watermark a PDF with ZoopSign, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Visit ZoopSign’s Watermark PDF Utility page
  2. Upload the PDF file or drag it into the shown box.
  3. Once, your PDF has been uploaded, you can customize the kind of watermark you need.
  4. Adjust the opacity, color, and position of the watermark.
  5. Click on the "Watermark PDF" button.

Once you have added a watermark to a PDF with ZoopSign, you can download the watermarked document or send it to others for signing. 


In a world where digital documents are shared widely and vigorously, watermarking PDFs has emerged as an essential practice. It not only safeguards your content but also elevates your documents' professionalism and authenticity. ZoopSign's PDF watermarking utility takes this practice to the next level, offering users an efficient, user-friendly, and customizable solution.

Whether you're a business looking to reinforce your brand identity, an artist protecting your creative work, or a legal professional securing sensitive documents, ZoopSign's watermarking feature provides the peace of mind and professional touch you need. Explore ZoopSign today and experience the benefits of the utility “Watermark PDF” with ease and confidence. Your documents deserve nothing less than the best in security and presentation.

Try Watermark PDF for Free on ZoopSign!

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