How to Split PDF Files ?


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January 22, 2024

How to Split PDF Files ?

Split PDF file Online, Wondering ?

There are many situations at work or in school where an online PDF split is useful. Perhaps you scanned several pages at once to save time, and you now need to extract few pages out of the PDF file. Whatever the reason be, you need to know that splitting PDFs or extracting the necessary pages from a PDF may be done online easily and for no cost using Zoop split PDF tool. In this article, we will discuss the use cases of splitting PDF files and how can we use Zoop PDF tool to split a PDF file.

Steps to Split PDF File Online

  1. Navigate to the Zoop Split PDF tool or click on the given link
  2. Select the file that you want to split from your local device, Google Drive or Dropbox and click on Split to get split PDF file.
  3. Type the range of pages you want to split from the main PDF. Click the Add Range button, to add another range to split PDF file into pages.
  4. Click the Split PDF button to Split PDF file online.
  5. Now you can download your Split PDF file or splitted PDF file into pages.

Use cases of Split PDF tool

  • Easy to share: In general, Splitting a PDF file is a piece of the main PDF. As a result, you can expect it to be smaller size. The email data cap is one issue that many individuals stumble upon while sharing files online. More particularly, it becomes a issue at work when file size is too big. One choice is to divide the file into multiple files so that you can transmit each one separately.
  • Clarity: Assume a situation, where for every information you have to scroll through a hugh PDF file. Imagine how many times you might need to scroll to extract it. And similar situation occur to person who receive you file. Using split PDF tool to split PDF file into pages or split to extract the required information and creating a separate files might save your time and effort.
  • Productivity: Therefore, clarity and faster file exchange would imply quicker development. You can now start working on your other projects or take some time to relax with additional time at your disposal. Splitting PDFs will help you be more productive and complete your task more quickly.
  • Increased Loading Speed: The rule of thumb is that a digital file takes longer to load the larger it is. Sending large files wouldn't be a problem, though, if you have superb internet connectivity or use a quick and reliable network. As a result, you should be aware that sending a large PDF file to someone may cause problems, such as the file not loading or being able to read it. Therefore, it is always advisable to lower the file size to enable simpler access.
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