How to Arrange PDF Files using Zoop PDF


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January 22, 2024

How to Arrange PDF Files using Zoop PDF

Since PDFs have the advantage of keeping their formats, the files are typically thought to be more challenging to change. However, editing a PDF or Arrange PDF is actually quick and straightforward with the right tools.

What were once large stacks of paper are now small, straightforward PDF files that can be accessed anywhere, on any device, and with just a few clicks. Moreover, thanks to the Zoop utility platform, you can now easily edit these PDF files.

Our tools give you the freedom and power to modify your original documents with ease straight from your device. Lock/Unlock your PDF to keep your confidential documents secure, convert images or doc files into PDF in a matter of seconds to make it compatible, or compress your pdf files to optimize storage.

Let’s discuss how Arrange Tool can be utilized on Zoop PDF platform.

Steps to Arrange PDF Files on Zoop PDF

  1. Navigate to our Arrange PDF Tool.
  2. Select the file you want to arrange from your device, Google Drive or Dropbox, and click on next.
  3. Use your mouse to drag and drop the pages in the order you want. 
  4. You can also use undo and redo options while reordering the pdf.
  5. Click the Arrange PDF button.
  6. Click on download to save your rearranged PDF file. 

Advantages of using PDF Files


There is no special software, hardware, or operating system needed to read PDF files. It is compatible with all platforms, giving users more flexibility when uploading files. Any organization will benefit greatly from system compatibility across several platforms.

Easy to share and forwarding

Because they are portable document formats (PDFs), simple to create, and accessible on most platforms, PDF files are excellent for collaboration and sharing. Businesses and professionals frequently use PDFs to deliver documents electronically.


The fact that PDF files are read-only is a huge benefit. As a result, exchanging sensitive information like manuals, certificates, or application forms with them is safe. The original file is kept in the same format when you convert a document to PDF. The PDF file will display exactly like the original file when opened in a viewer. For this reason, PDFs frequently outperform Word documents and other editable file types.

In contrast to other file types, PDFs also provide password protection. This is useful if you want to exchange private information like billing information or medical records.

Accessible to a wider audience

PDFs are accessible because anyone can open and read them, no matter what computer software they have installed.

This is significant because it means that PDFs can be read and accessed by everyone, regardless of their computer or mobile device, including tablets and smartphones. Because of this, they are ideal for both storing documents for future reference and sharing documents with others.

Because people with visual impairments can read PDFs using screen reading software, this is especially helpful. PDFs can be made accessible to a wider audience by being translated into other languages.


1. Do you keep a copy of my processed files?

Absolutely not. Your files are only yours. While your files are on our servers, they are strictly secured and no one can access them. We just keep them for a maximum of 2 hours so you can download them. Right after, they are completely removed forever from our servers. You can also delete the document by yourself at the end of each conversion. We won’t check, copy or analyze your files in any way.

2. Are company files safe with your service?

Yes. All uploads use https/SSL and include our end-to-end encryption for further privacy. These additional steps increase security and satisfy most corporate data privacy policies.

3. What pdf eSign do you offer?

The PDF eSign tool offers an intuitive signing experience for all your documents. There are 3 different ways to sign your PDF. It offers:

  - Aadhaar-based eSign, Type signature as text and Draw signature Here

4. What are other PDF utilities?

There are all the utilities zoopsign provides:

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